Brand Message Clarity Founder Joins Sellerant

Posted by Sellerant January 2020

Daisy McCarty Brings Brand Messaging Expertise to Growth Accelerator

[Austin, TX] Daisy McCarty, CEO of Brand Message Clarity, has joined Sellerant as Director of Marketing & Business Development. Brand Message Clarity will operate under the Sellerant banner moving forward, to deliver integrated strategy, marketing, and sales solutions for B2B startup and scaleup companies. The move provides more comprehensive expertise to founders and growing companies with stage-aligned and budget-aligned accelerated growth solutions across strategy, marketing and sales. 


Better Outcomes for Clients

McCarty talked about joining Sellerant to enable better outcomes for clients. 

“What I do with brand message development sits right at the intersection of Marketing and Sales. It’s the foundation for both. But the strategic execution of communicating the brand message is where companies can be challenged to drive a return on their investment. Once you have the right brand messaging, you need the right approach to deliver that message. A strategic execution partner can make all the difference for implementation.” 

Sellerant has been a go-to partner to complement  McCarty’s brand messaging strategy practice, so integrating her expertise to Sellerant’s solutions portfolio just made sense. 

“With Sellerant, I’m part of a team that provides all the expertise and resources for both Marketing and Sales to help clients hit their growth goals. It’s one seamless and comprehensive set of solutions that’s unlike anything I’ve seen in a decade of doing this work. Best of all, we’re focused on my favorite clients—innovators in the tech world.”  

From Strategic Partners to a Unified Team

Sellerant Founder and CEO Kenan Rappuchi noted that McCarty’s brand strategy roadmap adds value to clients by strengthening the service portfolio and expertise. 

“Founders and investors rely on Sellerant for high-value strategy, marketing, and sales expertise to quickly produce measurable results for startup and scaleup stage companies. To deliver on that promise, we must align, combine and integrate the best talent, systems, tools, and processes into one seamless engine that accelerates growth. Daisy brings a decade of providing brand message clarity to clients through her practice, and that is invaluable to accelerating growth for our clients.” 

About Sellerant

Sellerant delivers fully integrated strategy, sales, and marketing for B2B startups and scaleups across North America and Europe. Founded in 2007, the company serves entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors by validating product/market fit and accelerating growth with a proven suite of systems, processes, and expertise developed and refined over decades of real-world experience. Sellerant’s stage-aligned, budget-aligned services and solutions help B2B companies scale, pivot or fail faster with less risk, burden, and cost. 



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