AI has transformed marketing by providing marketers with tools and insights that were previously unavailable, helping to create more effective and efficient campaigns that drive business growth. With instant responses for data insights, generated content, and automated responses to customers, it seems like AI is the all-encompassing solution to every marketer’s problem. 

However, AI cannot stand alone in your marketing efforts. The smart marketers use real intelligence, a combination of organic and artificial intelligence, to perfect marketing today. Without the emotional connection and intellectual abilities of humans in the marketing context, your campaigns will not see the ROI you hoped for, likely because the campaign is like every other campaign that’s artificially-generated.

You can’t use AI as a replacement for marketing communications, so how can you use AI? The answer: Real Intelligence.

How to Use AI

Humans have the unique ability to connect with other humans emotionally, and this is something that AI cannot replace. AI can generate responses that appear emotional, but in reality, they are not truly emotional. This is because AI operates on algorithms and patterns, and its responses are based on data analysis rather than emotional experiences. While AI can mimic emotions, it cannot experience emotions in the same way that humans can. AI-generated responses are based on pre-programmed rules and data patterns, and the responses are generated in a way that is consistent with those rules. This means that AI may appear to be emotional, but in reality, its responses are based on logical analysis rather than emotional experiences.

Businesses should use AI as a tool to guide their decision-making processes, but also leverage human creativity and intuition to create authentic and engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience. By using AI as a guide, businesses can leverage data-driven insights to craft marketing campaigns that evoke organic emotional responses from their audiences. That is when the power of Real Intelligence is truly harnessed and creative, successful, and effective campaigns are achieved.

When to Use AI

AI can be used in various stages of the marketing process, depending on the specific needs of a business. One of the most effective ways to use AI is at the beginning of ideation for content creation and strategy. By using AI-powered tools to generate ideas, businesses can quickly come up with new and innovative concepts for their marketing campaigns, but AI shouldn’t generate your whole campaign for you. Smart marketers will research for themselves and start with low-risk communications in execution of their campaigns. Additionally, AI can be used for data gathering and analysis, enabling businesses to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences that can inform their marketing strategies.

Furthermore, businesses can use AI when their processes need more efficiency. AI can automate repetitive tasks, such as prioritizing leads and email personalization, freeing up marketers' time to focus on more creative tasks. Additionally, AI can help optimize ad targeting and content distribution, ensuring that marketing efforts are reaching the right audience at the right time.

Real Intelligence Powers Business Growth

When organic and artificial intelligence are used together in harmony, businesses can create impactful marketing strategies that drive growth and success.

The best practice is using a holistic combination of organic and intelligence that will result in business growth.

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